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Journey into the world of Adios Sportfishing and enjoy some of the finest fishing the
East coast has offer. Whether your looking to head to the depths of the Gulf Stream for an exciting  day of offshore fishing searching for Tuna and Billfish or run just off the point to some of greatest inshore fishing grounds in the world. The Adios is what Montauk fishing is all about.    


"Fisherman happy to say hello to Adios" 
an article by Jerry Kenney New York Daily News July 21, 2000 

           The last time a lot of fishermen saw the fishing boat Adios, it was loaded with mourners, sailing off in-to the sunset during the greatest sea going funeral Montauk has ever seen. Popular skipper Phil Lewis "checked-out" as he would say, late last summer after a long illness, and hundreds of his fans rode in a 100 boat procession to his favorite striper grounds where his ashes were strewn by his wife Dina.   Lewis is now an indelible character in the history of Montauk fishing. But, a lot of fans are wondering what happened to the once familiar Adios. Actually, it's been kept under wraps by its new owner, Capt. Skip Rudolph, and should be making its debut sometime this week. Rudolph was Lewis' mate for several years and they made an unbeatable team on the giant tuna and shark-fishing circuits. But then Rudolph married Vicki Ridgeway, daughter of famous Florida luxury sport- fishing boat manufacturer Dick Ridgeway, and found a more lucrative calling as captain of million-dollar yachts along Florida's Gold Coast.  However, he never forgot his old skipper, Phil Lewis, and frequently the pair met to talk over some pretty hairy experiences. Rudolph told us about an incident recently and he still shakes his head at this I one. They had a double header on 300-pound giant tunas. "I wired one fish and Phil stuck a gaff in the other," Skip said. "Out of the corner of my eye I could see Phil's gaff beating on him like a drum.  "But then I'm looking in the water struggling with my thrashing fish and alongside of it I see this grinning face break through the surface, like a dolphin spouting water. It was Phil. But I didn't even see him go over," Rudolph said. "His fish lunged and Phil wasn't going to let go of that gaff for anything. I don't know how deep he went, but he sure looked funny coming up." When Rudolph bought the Adios last fall he moved back to Montauk but didn't realize how big a job he was undertaking when he decided to remake the Adios stem to stern. But with wife Vicki's experience as a boat interior decorator for her dad, and Skip’s talent as a shipwright, they’ve made the adios.  It’s really an eye-catcher,” Dina Lewis said “Phil would be happy to know that Skip has the boat and really proud to see what he’s done with it.” While he's getting in the water a month later than he figured, Rudolph is now ready for action. 


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