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Just a few of the fish caught on the Adios this season.

(Please click on the photo's to see a larger picture)

Dan and Carol Schimel with 50 and 52 pound Bass caught simultaneously.


4.jpg (654114 bytes) The Ray Achilli Party his son and son in-law enjoyed a great catch of Sea Bass and Striped Bass. 


Bass and Bluefish feeding on Hog-Nosed Anchovies!

Bill Meroth and friends doing what they do best... catch Big Bass!

Having fun catching fish is what it's all about and Tom Getty's crew do just that.

Mike Wilder's 51 lb. Striper he caught 8-17-10.
Check out his left forarm! Yup, she's heavy.

Dennis Wilder won the "Wilder brother Shootout"
this year, with the most, but brother Mike caught
the biggest! Great job Guys!

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