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The 2018 season is here! Water is warming up and the action is too. Fluke fishing is getting better by the day, granted the weather is always a factor, but when conditions are right the bite is on. Striped Bass and Bluefish are gathering all around the point, not a lot of big fish yet, they will be coming very soon. Perfect eating sized Striped Bass 28"- 31" are always the first to arrive. Trolling and Diamond Jigging is the best method for right now. When they get to busting on the surface, a diamond Jig on light tackle is a blast! Porgy are showing up in the sound, with some jumbos in the mix already.
Things are going to bust open any day now, lots of bait all around the lighthouse, calls for reservations are coming in, so don't hesitate. Prime dates always go first, so if you don't want to miss out on a great fishing trip this season, you'd better call soon

Tight Lines,

Capt. Skip
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New Adios striped bass record

Luke's 60 pounder caught on 7/11/17

Gabriella Civello's 58 lb. Monster Striped
Bass caught on 8-18-2016. Gabriella at age 19 caught
this fish with no assistance! Great Job Gabriella!!

Kenny Gemelli added to his bucket list with a fish of
a lifetime on 9-10-2016. 500 lb. Blue Marlin was
released with the hook out to fight another day!

Ken Coombs with daughter Marissa and fishing
pal John Ramaschko with a 140 lb. Mako Shark,
43 lb. Striped Bass and a 15 lb. Bull Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)
caught on 8-3-11

Nancy Tucker, Pam"Rosie" Liu, and Adam Pierce
caught 12 Slammer Stripers 35-45 lbs. They kept
6 and released 6 to fight again on 7-20-11

Wounded Warriors Project annual fishing trip was
a great success on 7-27-11

Dr. Roland Burroughs and good friend Bert Ross
had a banner day on 7-23-11

White Marlin about to be released, note the tagging stick top left.

My father and I, yup, he started me early!

From left to right: Captain Billy Ridgway, me, Ricky Ridgway,
and Fletch Creamer. Big wahoo caught aboard the "Ditchdigger"
while fishing the Bahamas Championship @ Chub Cay.

Cat Cay,Bahamas 53 miles east of Miami. "Tuna Alley"
1941. The good ole days!

Me on the left and Capt. Charlie Harned. we fished the
Star Island Tournament back in '88. He beat me by a mere
26 lbs. Hey, what are good friends for?

My Dad and I with a small Blue Marlin we caught together.

Night Swordfishing off Miami Beach back in '78. This one
tipped the scale at 364 lbs. Yeah, thats me!

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