The 2018 season is winding down

Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip…

We lost Cheech this year. He’ll be missed!

 The 2018 season is winding down,but there are still some fishing to do. The Black Sea Bass and some Cod are out there for the pickens if you can get away from the dock! The weather has been relentless. It seems the 2018 season is ending just as it started, with plenty of wind. when there is a break in the heavy weather some really nice catches of Blackfish were coming over the rails. Tide and wind direction is all important for catching these delicious bottom dwellers. Green crabs, Calico crabs, and Hermit crabs are the baits of choice, but favorable sea conditions are mandatory for a successful trip. The Blackfish can really be tricky to hook and it takes some practice to hook them consistently. Adverse weather conditions only make it even harder and can be quite frustrating! When the wind lets off it is time to go. The limit is 3 Blackfish per person at 16 inches till December 9th.The last break in the wind boats that went out cleaned up on the Blackfish.

For those who won’t be fishing and are pulling their boats out of the water, make sure your check list is complete. Winterising your boat is all important. Engines must be flushed out with R/V anti-freeze along with any fresh and salt water plumbing. Plugs must be taken out of the hulls that have them so the water won’t accumulate inside the boat. Outriggers should be removed and antennas laid down. Outboards should take out the batteries and store them in a warm dry place. Can’t hurt to give a good spraying with WD-40 on cable connections, or anything that will corrode over the winter.
Also, take inventory of your equipment while it’s fresh on your mind, make a list of things you’re going to need for the upcoming season.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and the Holiday season is right around the corner!

Tight Lines, Captain Skip

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